0Xc0000076 Error in Windows ten

The 0xc0000076 mistake is brought about by a lack of a “library” on Windows, normally Visual C++, DirectX or related.

The mistake shows when you are making an attempt to run a “massive” software these as a match or some sort of graphics software. It is brought about simply because the software will demand an ingredient from the library, which is both not put in or not accessible on your procedure.

The mistake will normally show as “0xc0000076” or extra generally “0xc000007b” mistake, cited following the software tries to load.

The way to address this difficulty is to be certain that you have the correct library / dependencies essential by the software to run. It need to solve 90% of the problems with the mistake.

Result in

The normal mistake information for the 0xc0000076 mistake is as follows:

The software failed to initialize appropriately (0xc0000076)

The critical to repairing this is to understand that each software on Windows calls for a sequence of “libraries” or “dependencies” to support it run.

These libraries are saved on the tough generate as DLL documents, applications these as DirectX and “redistributable” deals these as Visual C++. Although Microsoft distributes most of the most popular libraries, there are a number offered by other providers too.

The base line of the 0xc0000076 mistake is that your procedure is not able to load the dependencies essential to run the software.

Solution Methods

1. Reinstall Visual C++

Visual C++ is normally the offender below. It is a selection of courses distributed by Microsoft to support boost the operation of Windows.

Regrettably, like numerous things “Microsoft”, they have overcomplicated it – creating VC++ a entirely 3rd party down load and splitting up concerning diverse versions, each of which has to be downloaded in get to give the essential operation.

Regrettably, it is usually the case that even if the proper VC++ is put in, it becomes weakened or corrupted, stopping applications from reading it correctly.

The very first action to repairing the 0xc0000076 mistake, therefore, is to be certain you’ve got put in the most recent versions of the essential VC++ redistributable deals…

    • In Windows 7, click on on to “Commence” &gt “Regulate Panel” &gt “Insert / Take away Courses”
    • In Windows ten, proper-click on on to “Commence” / “Windows” button &gt find “Courses and Options”
    • From the list that appears, find any versions of “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”, and Note DOWN their 12 months number (this is vital)
    • Following noting down the years, you need to then proper-click on each of the listings and find “Uninstall”
    • Following uninstalling them, restart your Computer
    • Following restart, you will will need to search to Google and appear for “Microsoft most recent visual C++ deals”
    • For each of the “years” that you noted down ahead of, down load the correct down load and set up.

A fast take note on this matter – when you down load each VC++ package deal, you will be questioned whether or not you want the “x64” or “x86” edition. This corresponds to the “architecture” of your procedure.If you happen to be not absolutely sure which edition of Windows you have, you will need to do the adhering to:

    • Push “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
    • In the “Run” dialogue, form “dxdiag” and push “Enter”
    • When DXDiag shows, appear for the “Working Program” listing
    • Consider take note of whether or not it can be sixty four-bit or 32-bit – sixty four-bit is x64 and 32-bit is x86
    • From there, you need to set up the a variety of VC++ deals and then let it run.

two. Update DirectXSubsequent, you will need to update DirectX.

DirectX is a core ingredient of Windows which allows your procedure to run 3D graphics etcetera.

Regrettably, owing to numerous video games etcetera putting their very own versions of DirectX documents on to your procedure, it is usually the case that applications will show a massive number of errors etcetera with it.

If this is the case, you will want to set up the “update” to DirectX which need to swap any of the most likely weakened documents it may have…

    • Click on on to “Google” and appear for “DirectX Obtain” – click on the very first url
    • Click on on the orange “Obtain” button
    • Click on “No many thanks and proceed”
    • Help save the file to your tough generate
    • Open up the software and click on as a result of the course of action (make absolutely sure you do not accept the “Bing Bar” scamware)
    • Permit it set up the documents essential to update DirectX
    • Restart your Computer

At the time your Computer has restarted, you need to carry on to the upcoming action.3. Reinstall.Web

.Web is related to the higher than two dependencies, in that it gives a massive number of attributes, documents and configurations essential to get Windows operating appropriately.

Regrettably, like the other people, it can grow to be weakened or corrupted. If this is the case, you will want to update it to the most recent edition, which can be completed with the adhering to:

    • In Windows 7, click on on to “Commence” &gt find “Regulate Panel” &gt “Insert / Take away Courses”
    • In Windows ten, proper-click on on to “Commence” / “Windows” button &gt find “Courses and Options”
    • From the dialogue that shows, click on on “Transform Windows attributes on or off” – Uncheck “.Web 3.five” and “.Web 4.six.two” and then click on “Ok”
    • Permit the uninstall course of action materialize &amp restart your Computer
    • Following restart, you will want to appear on Google for “.internet world wide web installer”
    • Click on the orange “Obtain” button and then carry on to set up the package deal.

This will swap any of the.Web framework documents which may be weakened or corrupted on the procedure. This will in essence reset the bulk of dependencies on your procedure which *could* be weakened.Further to this, you will also want to be certain any “registry” errors are cleaned out on your Computer…

4. Cleanse Out Registry Faults

Registry errors are brought about when the Windows “registry” becomes weakened or corrupted.

The registry is a central databases which Windows employs to retailer all the configurations and options your procedure calls for to run.

This databases is accountable for all the things from your desktop wallpaper to person avatar. Regrettably, it can grow to be weakened or corrupted – stopping your Computer from becoming ready to examine the configurations it calls for.

To resolve this, you will be best cleansing it out with a “registry cleaner”:

    • Obtain a reliable registry cleaner tool (I only recommend CCleaner in 2018 which is out there from “Piriform” – just Google “CCleaner Obtain”)
    • Install the tool and load it up
    • Permit it scan the registry of your procedure (other areas like Junk Files do not make a difference so significantly)
    • Following the scan, clear / take out any of the troubles it located
    • Restart your Computer

This not only guarantees you happen to be ready to resolve any of the probable troubles that your laptop may have, but it also guarantees that you happen to be ready to run the courses properly.five. Cleanse Out Malware &amp Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the higher than actions do not get the job done, the upcoming is to reinstall your system’s graphics driver (of course, this is a legitimate lead to of the mistake).

To do this, you will want to down load “DDU” (Exhibit Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D. This eliminates **all** of the graphics driver program that your procedure will have put in…

    • Click on on to the DDU down load page: (you will have to Google “DDU Obtain”)
    • Help save the file to your procedure
    • Restart your Computer into “Risk-free Method”

To do this, there are varying strategies relying on which edition of Windows you happen to be jogging:

    • In Windows 7, click on on “Commence” &gt “Restart”
    • When your procedure restarts, push F8 regularly on the keyboard ahead of just about anything starts to load
    • This will bring up the “Highly developed Boot Alternatives” menu from which you will need to find “Risk-free Method”
    • In Windows ten, click on on “Commence” / “Windows” button (base left corner)
    • Find the “Electric power” button – Keeping Change, push “Restart”
    • This will bring up the blue “Restoration Surroundings” screen.
    • From below, decide on “Troubleshoot” &gt “Highly developed Alternatives” &gt “Startup Settings” &gt “Restart”
    • When the procedure reboots, it will load the “Highly developed Boot Alternatives” screen from which you will be ready to decide on “Risk-free Method” From below, you will enter “Risk-free Method”.
    • You will need to click on on to the DDU software you downloaded and then let it run.
    • You will want to decide on “Cleanse and Restart (Advised)”.

This will wholly take out the graphics driver, which *need to* address any remaining occurrences of the mistake. Permit the procedure restart into “typical” method and then try loading the software once again.At the time in “typical” method, you will have to get the graphics driver put in once again. In Windows ten, this will normally be completed automatically. The place is that if you have some personalized driver, it may be creating some sort of conflicts, which will be resolved by completely getting rid of it with DDU.

If the higher than does not get the job done, you may have a further concern within just Windows.

Apart from working with a extra strong mistake cleaner tool, you may benefit from looking for extra precise guidance. To do this, I would advocate both looking at a fix man (who’ll have *just* the similar tips as me), or inquiring on the internet.


There are many services which can do this. These are absolutely free and in essence give you the potential to acquire guidance particular to your mistake/difficulty devoid of possessing to wait around for the generic guidance supplied by most out-of-date “tech guidance” services.



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